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My name is James Greenaway and I am a fully qualify, registered Reiki Practitioner. I chose Reiki as I find this a very relaxing, gentle therapy that allows the body to self heal by clearing blockages within your meridians. The style of Reiki I do is traditional Eastern Japanese Reiki.

I attended a Reiki Academy in Nottingham to begin my journey by doing level 1 Reiki. After successfully completing this course, after a while, I went onto do the level 2 course which is needed to be a practitioner. By learning Reiki, it allowed me to rediscover myself and my body, and I have noticed positive change both emotionally and physically.

I attend monthly Reiki share meeting groups with other Reiki Teachers & Practitioners to keep up with the changes and new experiences, and also to keep my Reiki energy levels refreshed.

I have completed Degree 1 and 2 in Reiki

I am registered with the UK Reiki Federation. This means that you can book with confidence knowing that I am trained unto the required standard to practice Reiki.

I have an Enhanced DBS certificate

nottingham reiki practitioner
nottingham reiki practitioner

James Greenaway - Registered Reiki Practitioner